Fossil Farms is taking bold action to lead the food distribution industry yet again. Fossil Farms has completed a thorough analysis of its carbon footprint and environmental impact. It has evaluated this data and are taking immediate measures to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. Phase 1 of this initiative was the immediate investment into carbon offset markets that has allowed the 25-year-old company to achieve carbon neutrality. Phase 2 is the immediate change to its shipping materials to 100% curbside recyclable products. Phase 3 is the construction of its own solar farm at its corporate headquarters in Boonton, NJ that will produce 100% of its electricity needs. Further measures will be taken and implemented in the coming years to enable this brand to lead its industry in net-zero goal setting and sustainable business practices. 

Fossil Farms is a diverse organization with national distribution to wholesale accounts, nationwide shipping for e-commerce business, and its own retail store at the Boonton, NJ headquarters, which has recently launched a full-service catering company and food truck. When asked about the company's future plans, Ben Del Coro, VP of sales & marketing, says, "We're just getting started at 25 years in business."

Consumer demand is driving the growth of Fossil Farms, as chefs and consumers seek higher quality alternative proteins, with acute transparency in sourcing. Fossil Farms stands alone in its commitment to sourcing ethical products, establishing equitable partnerships, and managing sustainable supply chains. 

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Source: Fossil Farms