Fortress Technology has revealed an innovative inspection metal detector that allows food manufacturers to detect thin, flat metal flakes in their products using a dual electromagnetic system.

The novel Interceptor DF metal detector inspects low-profile, high-value foods vertically and horizontally concurrently. Always prioritizing food safety, the metal detector uses a revolutionary dual electromagnetic system to help eradicate small metal contaminants that are impossible to identify with a conventional single-plane detector. It can be customized to different aperture sizes and uses multiple coil sets to instantaneously drive the electromagnetic fields in different directions for optimum detection sensitivity.

Flagging metal containments in dry products, such as chocolate, confectionery, nutrition bars, cookies, and biscuits, the Interceptor DF can also be used to inspect small thin packages of conductive products like cheese and deli meats. To ensure ease of use across mixed product lines, the Interceptor DF has the capability to learn and recall the signature of any given product with just one pass. 

Increasing supply chain transparency and product traceability, it also uses automatic product tracking and data capture software; these electronic records can then be viewed, filtered and exported instantly. 

Solving the issue of flat metal flakes in food, the Interceptor DF allows for greater performance and food safety by increasing the probability of identifying and rejecting products containing non-spherical metals by over 100 percent.

Source: Fortress Technology