Looking for a solution to manage the lobster-purchasing side of its business, Greenhead Lobster has partnered with NorthScope to implement Fisherman Accounting at its three buying stations. The implementation of NorthScope includes a discovery process, configuration and training, go-live and post go-live optimization managed by the Northlake Partners (NLP), the creators of NorthScope.

At the culmination of this implementation, NorthScope will accomplish the following goals for Greenhead:

  • Manage lobster purchases from fishermen using "Fish Tickets," including the automation of any applicable taxes that need to be accrued and/or deducted from fishermen balances. 
  • Manage selling products to fishermen.
  • Payments/Settlements for fishermen.
  • Integrations to NetSuite for new lobster inventory that was purchased from fishermen, inventory adjustments for items sold to fishermen, payments made within NorthScope, and journal entries from transactions.

Discussing the implementation of NorthScope, NLP Sales Manager Vince Pluhacek said, "Greenhead came to us having recently purchased a generic ERP system but was still struggling with the lack of functionality to manage the unique transactions with its lobstermen/fishermen. We're happy we were able to provide an industry-specific system fit for their business that helps solve their problems."

In addition to Greenhead Lobster, NorthScope's new partnerships include Silver Bay Seafoods, Artic Fisheries, and more.