Wire Belt’s new CompactGrid conveyor belt is engineered with 70 percent open surface area, providing optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors. CompactGrid’s flow-through capabilities will reduce the time required to heat up or cool down a product, therefore reducing energy costs. Increased open area also makes CompactGrid extremely easy to clean and maintain.
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The new ThermoDrive® Sprocket Driven Hygienic Vertical Scoop Belting now offered on Dorner’s AquaPruf family of sanitary conveyors, uses 55 percent less water during cleaning compared to other belts. Aiding in sanitation is the belt’s design, a homogenous thermoplastic composition with no pins, hinges or link joints to catch and foster bacteria growth. Engineered solely for food and other applications calling for a high degree of sanitation, the ThermoDrive Sprocket Driven Hygienic Vertical Scoop Belt reduces in-process bacteria proliferation and eases in-place cleaning.
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