1. Wixon breaks ground on innovation center

Wixon Inc., broke ground in March at its St. Francis, Wis., headquarters for a culinary center to create, test and demonstrate food specialties and to develop new meat products. The new 4,200-square-foot facility is formally named the Wixon Innovation Center for Culinary & Protein. Construction is scheduled to be completed by September on the center, which is expected to further Wixon’s food research and development capabilities. The $2 million addition will include a product demonstration area for Wixon’s products, as well as a culinary center for preparing those products. The protein-development section of the center will have advanced meat-related equipment, including grinders, stuffers, patty-makers, smokehouse facilities, walk-in freezers and coolers, and a linear cook line, and it will be outfitted with a specialized batter and breading system.

2. New brochure discusses benefits of cultures in meat applications

A new brochure from Cargill Texturizing Solutions discusses the benefits of cultures in dairy and meat applications. Cargill offers a full range of Kosher-certified acidifying, covering and ripening direct set and bulk culture systems, probiotic cultures, lipase enzymes and animal and microbial coagulants. Starter cultures contribute to the overall appearance of the finished food product in regard to taste, flavor, texture and healthiness. Call (877) 765-8867 or visit www.cargilltexturizing.com for more information.

3. Market pressures force Solae price increase

Solae LLC, has raised the global prices for its soy protein ingredients effective immediately. Given Solae’s broad range of products, price increases may reach up to 30 percent globally and will be relative to specific regional market conditions. Price increases do not include changes in identity-preserved premiums and are subject to contracts. In order for Solae to maintain a consistent level of service, innovation and investment in research for future soy solutions, Solae is raising the price of its offerings. Solae’s customers can count on its complete line of high-quality soy proteins and technical expertise to provide what many ingredient companies cannot: more economical protein solutions to offset rising costs.

4. Givaudan divests food-ingredients business

Givaudan Flavours Corp. sold its St. Louis, Mo.-based food-ingredients business and manufacturing facility to PCI Company, of St. Louis, owner of Diehl Food Ingredients as well as Sensory Effects™ and Emulsion Technology Inc. The divestiture was closed February 13, 2008, for an undisclosed amount. The St. Louis operation, formerly Consolidated Flavours, became part of the Givaudan family in 1997 as part of the Tastemaker acquisition. The facility produces flavor bases and variegates utilized by dairies in the production of ice cream and novelty products as well as cocoa powder.

5. Wixon launches new batters and breadings

New flavorings for battered and breaded proteins and companion sauces are now offered by Wixon Inc. The new flavor profiles provide hot, smoky, spicy and savory tastes to meet a growing consumer trend, especially in sausage, bratwurst and chicken. New sweet and savory coatings developed by Wixon’s Protein Applications lab include Jambalaya, Sauted Onion, Grilled Onion, Italian, and Smoky Chipotle. Developed for sausage applications, they maintain their flavor integrity through the Wix-Fresh frying stabilization system for fresh and pre-cooked meats, which inhibits oxidization, stabilizes seasoning and spice notes, potentiates savory notes and reduces the warmed-over flavor. The process also prolongs shelf life.