The FastBack 260E horizontal motion conveyor has been introduced by Heat and Control. FastBack moves loads up to 20,000 pounds up to 40 feet per minute. FastBack is built for extreme sanitary duty. Its one-piece stainless-steel pan and full wash-down drive eliminate messy belts and hard-to-clean surfaces. The system has a low 70 decibel operation.

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ID Technology’s Centerline Conveyor for Inkjet Printing Systems moves printheads and guide rails in and out with one crank adjustment handle, reducing changeover time between carton sizes. The conveyor system handles carton widths from 10.5 inches to 25.5 inches and can be used with Hi-Resolution Inkjet, DOD Valvejet or Continuous Inkjet Printers. Split guide rails and printhead mounting allows printing at the bottom of the cartons. Standard conveyor speed is fixed at 65 feet per minute with other speeds available.

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