From David E. Brown, president and chief executive officers of Formax Inc.:

Formax is aware of the ongoing investigation regarding a listeria outbreak involving Maple Leaf Foods Inc. and its public statements that several potential sources for listeria, one may be the facility’s S-180 slicers.

Formax takes this issue very seriously and intends to work closely with Maple Leaf Foods and Canadian officials with their investigation. Producing safe and wholesome food for consumers is a goal shared throughout our industry.

The Formax S-180 slicer has a strong history of safety since it was first introduced 13 years ago. There are nearly 300 machines installed at processing plants throughout the world. These slicers have produced more than five billion pounds of sliced meat. There has never been a serious food safety issue associated with any of the S-180 slicers, including the machines at the Maple Leaf facility which have been in production for more than 11 years.

Formax is dedicated to help ensure that our customers can continue to provide safe food for consumers. As a precaution, Formax technical experts are reviewing our S-180 equipment and operating manuals to confirm that all instructions are clear and effective for the operation, maintenance and sanitation of these machines.

In addition, we are reminding all of our customers to follow our operating manual and service bulletin instructions on proper operation, maintenance and sanitation procedures. If a customer discovers that any sanitation procedure has not been followed, additional sterilization steps should be taken.

Formax remains dedicated to supplying the highest quality equipment in the food processing industry, enabling our customers to proved safe and wholesome food to consumers.