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Bulking system

Gainco has introduced its new AccuFill™ legal-for-trade (LFT) bulking system for meat and poultry applications. In addition to automating the collection of bulk-pack products, the LFT bulker combines packing and labeling functions all in one station, thereby reducing the equipment footprint and plant labor requirements. This results in even greater labor savings and improved process efficiencies over standard bulking equipment. Fresh or frozen legs, thighs, wings, breast portions and virtually all other poultry products are highly suitable for processing using Gainco’s new AccuFill™ LFT bulkers, along with a wide variety of further-processed items. The equipment also handles pork products such as picnic trim, picnic cushions, feet, neck bones and offals, as well as beef trim and offals. In addition to offering swifter processing plus labeling capabilities, the AccuFill™ system’s robust communications platform and superior weighing accuracy mean less product “giveaway,” along with the capability to have real-time process reporting using Ethernet, RF or WiFi connectivity. The new AccuFill™ LFT bulking system also features the Gainco Infiniti™ Plus programmable controller, providing today’s best protection against washdown water ingress and condensation.

Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703 or visit

Metal detection systems

Consistently accurate, FDA Title 21-compliant inspection for all types of food products is now possible with CEIA THS 21 metal detectors from Heat and Control. Patent-pending CEIA detection technology delivers the industry’s highest sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals. CEIA’s proprietary Auto-Learn system selects and displays the optimal sensitivity setting to eliminate set-up guesswork and inspection errors. During operation, the detector continuously tests and recalibrates itself to maintain the highest detection stability and performance. Data for every detection and ejection action are saved for inspection, programming and functional testing, and to certify production quality. Combined with memory for over 500 products, this provides fast, error-free changeovers. Bluetooth connectivity facilitates programming and data collection. Ethernet connection is also available. CEIA THS 21 detectors are IP69K rated for high- pressure, high-temperature wash down. Developed by CEIA Spa of Italy, the world’s largest manufacturer of metal detectors, the new THS 21 metal detectors are sold and serviced by Heat and Control.

Heat and Control Inc., phone (800) 227- 5980 or visit

Sartorious Mechatronics has extended its Synus® series of dynamic checkweighers by introducing a new series of sophisticated weighing products called CoSYNUS — a combination of a metal detector and checkweigher in one unit. In the food industry, changing products on the production line, changes in the production sequence and ever-smaller production quantities are the order of the day. To meet these challenges, Sartorius developed the CoSYNUS series providing maximum flexibility, the highest possible accuracy, reliable detection and high throughput in one unit. Thanks to its modular design and wide range of accessories offered, from conveyor systems to diverse evaluation electronics as well as a choice of dimensions, CoSYNUS models can be seamlessly integrated into any production process.

Sartorius Mechatronics Corp., phone (631) 254-4249 or visit

Shrink bags

Processors can make a healthier choice for the environment and protect against film punctures with FLAVORSEAL® BGB-90 Bone Guard Shrink Bags from Carroll Manufacturing & Sales (CMS). FLAVORSEAL’s advanced performance, high-abuse bone guard material is better for the environment than traditional PVdC barrier shrink bags because of its high-grade, chlorine-free resin formulation. The proprietary formula is not only “green,” but still strong enough to provide complete puncture protection — from edge to edge — without requiring labor-intensive patches, soaker pads, bone discs, or other stopgap measures. BGB-90 Bone Guard Shrink Bags resist abuse without compromising essential shrink properties. Barrier properties are better than those of conventional bone-in meat packaging, thus extending product shelf life. The bags not only reduce leaker rates but also the number of re-packs needed. These advanced features can bring substantial improvements to the processor’s bottom line, saving labor and the cost of patches and pads.

Carroll Manufacturing & Sales, phone (440) 937-3900 or visit

Conveyor belt

Recent controlled tests confirm that Wire Belt’s CompactGrid® has five times less resistance to flow-through than most plastic modular belts. Engineered with a 70 percent open-surface area, Wire Belt’s USDA-accepted CompactGrid conveyor belt provides optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors. Increased open area of the CompactGrid belt combined with its proven-to-be superior flow-through characteristics will enable easier and more thorough cleaning and sanitation of the processor’s conveyor systems. These are clear advantages in food-processing facilities where water resource management, minimization of cleaning agents and chemical waste streams have become a paramount issue.

Wire Belt Co. of America, phone (603) 644-2500 or visit


PolyConversions Inc. offers VR™ Rainwear as part of the company’s extensive line of personal protective apparel. As with other PolyCo VR™ products, the suits are odorless, vinyl-free and latex-free. Durable VR™ Rain Wear features the option of applying a three-piece detachable hood and offers a comfortable fit with a lightweight design. VR™ Rainwear is environmentally sustainable and contains no toxic substances or plasticizers. Manufactured entirely in the United States, VR™ Chemical Suits can be safely recycled, landfilled or incinerated without harming the environment. The proprietary VR™ material has been clinically tested to offer resistance to chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. Independent tests have demonstrated that VR™ meets Class 100 clean room specifications. VR™ is intended to safeguard cleanroom and non-cleanroom employees from potential chemical or biohazard contamination.

PolyConversions Inc., phone (217) 893-3330 or visit

Food safety is critical to your business. ARAMARK Uniform Services can help reduce the chances of product contamination by delivering a wide variety of hygienically clean garments, specialized disposable items and personal protective equipment. The company’s award-winning 10-step Total HACCP Solution is setting new standards for food safety and sanitation.

ARAMARK Uniform Services, phone (818) 973-2863 or visit

Cleaning systems

Food processors looking for a stronger, more reliable foaming station for cleaning walls, floors and equipment can now turn to Zep StrongBox, a new foaming station built to survive the most difficult food-processing environments. Zep StrongBox connects to either house pressure or a low-pressure pump system and provides a consistent sanitizer spray and high foam. Made of stainless steel, it contains no internal plastic parts, making it more durable than competitive foaming stations. The StrongBox line consists of three products: Zep StrongBox 1 — an airless foamer with a fixed chemical suction hose, designed for water at a pressure of 45 to 145 psi. It is supplied with one set of chemical dosing nozzles in different colors; Zep StrongBox 2 — an air system with one fixed chemical suction hose, it is connected to external compressed air and water at a pressure of 45 to 580 psi. It is also supplied with one set of chemical dosing nozzles in different colors; and Zep StrongBox 3 — a kit with one fixed chemical suction hose, it is connected to external compressed air and water at a pressure of 45 to 580 psi. Three color-coded suction tubes, each with quick-coupling and non-return valves in both nipple and coupling, prevent chemical spills. This product comes with a hose wall-mount bracket.

Zep Inc., phone (877) 428-9937 or visit

Spartan’s new Lite’n Foamy® Touch Free Dispenser is an economical, bulk-fill unit that releases thick, foamy hand soap. It is easy to clean and easy to fill. Just say “no” to the hidden costs of expensive cartridge-load, automatic dispensers. Save time and money by making the change to bulk-fill convenience. The new Touch Free Dispenser features include screw on/off cap, 1,000 mL removable reservoir, window that displays product level, tough ABS plastic, battery light indicator, adhesive back or screw mounting, automatic shut-off when dispenser is opened, replaceable pump/tank and removable key lock. Use with Spartan’s quality Lite’n Foamy products.

Spartan Chemical Co. Inc., phone: (800) 537-8990 or visit www.

Industrial flooring

AcryliCon Industrial Flooring is used in food-processing plants around the world because of its proven ability to perform in harsh production environments. Its non-porous and monolithic surface is impenetrable by bacteria, leaving areas clean and odor-free. Slip-resistant textures provide added protection to safeguard against hazardous liquid and debris. Long-lasting with a 10-year warranty, durable and able to meet the most exacting of standards, AcryliCon is a viable health and safety solution for facilities in the food- processing industry.

AcryliCon USA, phone (888) 736-7550 or visit

Cook-in bags

M&Q Packaging has developed new Yieldmaster® MQ295 cook-in bags for poultry products. Unlike traditional barrier bags, MQ295 high-temperature bags reduce cooking time up to three hours and prevent protein adhesion to the bag, therefore leaving skin in place throughout the cook cycle. These bags deliver higher yields and more attractive presentation of the finished product, allowing poultry to brown at a more desirable degree than other bags on the market. A typical whole chicken takes four hours to cook. The MQ295 bag reduces overall cooking time to 90 minutes. Unlike other roasting bags, M&Q bags retain the same shelf life as traditional barrier bags, yet eliminate additional handling or messy clean up prior to consumer-ready marketing.

M&Q Packaging Corp., phone (800) 600-3068 or visit

Tub dumper

Custom Metalcraft has introduced its new Economical Tub Dumper. Manufactured with standard sanitary foodgrade design from 304 stainless steel, the tub dumper encompasses the following specifications: Available in pneumatic, hydraulic or electric; different receiver options available; designed to accommodate specific style containers; attachments available to allow use with more than one size container; portable option dumper heights up to 66 inches; self contained; user friendly; safety locks in upward position in case of loss of power; design (dead man switch control); and dumps up to 800 pounds with approximate cycle time of 45 seconds.

Custom Metalcraft Inc., phone (417) 862-0707 or visit


The intelligent design of Remco’s new Double Blade Ultra Hygiene Squeegee unites maximum efficiency with the highest level of hygiene. It delivers the extra cleaning capacity of the company’s fixed-head squeegee without compromising the hygiene maintained by its ultra-hygiene squeegee. This revolutionary squeegee features color-coded refill blades that are easy to remove and replace with the help of special finger tabs built into the cassette. Once the blades are removed, the head can be autoclaved and reused. The squeegees are available in six colors and four sizes (along with a bench model). Part of the Vikan hygiene system®, they work with Remco’s selection of color-coded European-thread handles.

Remco Products, phone (317) 876-9856 or visit


Advanced Food Systems has launched a new range of SeasonRite™ Marinades to add trendy, exciting new flavors — while increasing yield and value — in beef, chicken, fish, shellfish and pork products. Flavor varieties include Chili Lime Garlic, Caribbean, Buffalo, Hoisin, Kim Chi, Wine Herb, Memphis BBQ and many more. These versatile marinades can be used in fully cooked, frozen/refrigerated, microwaveable, raw refrigerated and ground products. Versions are available for tumbling, injecting and static soaking. Custom types can also be provided with natural binding systems, reduced sodium or without phosphates. SeasonRite Marinades are a cost-effective means to add value and variety to existing products or to create entirely new product lines. Advanced Food Systems offers full technical and culinary capabilities to customize the marinades to match specific requirements.

Advanced Food Systems Inc., phone: (800) 787-3067 or visit

Supplier News

In 1959, ROBERT REISER & CO. began to import German-made food-processing equipment for resale to North American meat packers and food processors. This year, Reiser reaches a milestone as it celebrates its 50th year supplying the food industry with a wide variety of food-processing and packaging equipment. In 1959, Reiser became the exclusive North American sales and service agent for Vemag, a German manufacturer of food-processing equipment best known for its line of continuous vacuum stuffers. In 1962, Reiser added Seydelmann cutters and grinders to its product line. In 1971, the company added Holac dicers and slicers, and then in 1980 added Fomaco injectors and tenderizers. Along the way, the company added other complementary lines of equipment, including Ross tray packaging, AMFEC meat-processing equipment, Supervac vacuum-packaging equipment, and most recently Repak form/fill/seal packaging equipment. As the business grew, so did Reiser. In 1984, Reiser moved to its new headquarters in Canton, Mass. In 1987, Reiser opened an office in Canada and then in 1993 opened a third office in England, allowing the company to better serve its customers in those regions. Today, Reiser owns a majority interest in many of the same companies it represents, including Ross Industries, AMFEC, Vemag and Holac. A new customer center is under construction at the Canton office and is slated to open later this year.

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) has announced ROBBIE MANUFACTURING as the winner of the 2009 Gold Award in Environmental and Sustainability Achievement. The prestigious award was presented at the 2009 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards in Naples, Fla., in February. The award recognizes Robbie’s Hot N Handy Bio-Pouch as the most advanced sustainable solution for fresh-prepared sandwiches in the market today. Hot N Handy Bio-Pouch was developed to replace the Rigid Polystyrene Hinged Containers commonly used in the cold case at retail locations for fresh-prepared sandwiches. Compared to rigid polystyrene containers, the Bio-Pouch uses 92 percent less crude oil, reduces CO2 emissions by 56 percent and packaging material waste by 75 percent. So impressed were the judges with Robbie’s advancements in packaging sustainability, the FPA went beyond standard protocol to honor Robbie with a Gold Award in Packaging Excellence. This Award took Robbie by surprise since the Hot N Handy Bio-Pouch was not submitted in the Packaging Excellence category. According to Irv Robinson, owner and chief executive officer of Robbie Manufacturing, the award marks the second consecutive year that the FPA has made the decision to give the company an award in Packaging Excellence. “We are again very surprised and truly honored.”

Harahan, La.-based INTRALOX LLC has recently partnered with Grand Rapids, Mich.-based MOL BELTING SYSTEMS to become the exclusive provider of ThermoDrive® conveyor belting. ThermoDrive belting is a patented, positive-drive, low-tension belting with a continuous, easy-to-clean surface. Like Intralox modular plastic belting, Intralox ThermoDrive belts are especially suited for hygienic applications in food processing. With a 100 percent closed surface, these homogenous, thermoplastic belts can dramatically improve food safety, quality assurance and operational efficiency. By offering this new, breakthrough conveyance technology, Intralox says it is further enhancing its comprehensive line of hygienic conveyance solutions.