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Are you doing all you can to make sure your customers have an outstanding experience when they visit your foodservice business or in-store deli?

That question is always important, but never more so than in today’s tough economic times. Consumers want appealing ambience, fantastic food and—here’s the catch—low-as-possible prices.

It’s not an easy order to deliver. But businesses that do will be able toweather today’s current challenges, and likely find themselves ahead ofthe game when the economy strengthens in the months ahead.

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Co-Packing Solutions
September 2009

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State of the Sandwich

From full-service delis to supermarkets and C-store cases, sandwiches are capturing the imagination of customers looking for quick, economical choices prepared with creative twists.

Charlie Roesch knows a thing or two about deli meat.
Affectionately known as “Charlie the Butcher,” Roesch runs catering and restaurant businesses including Charlie the Butcher's Kitchen, Charlie the Butcher's Catering Center, and several Charlie the Butcher's Express restaurant concepts in Wegman's supermarkets and NOCO Express convenience stores in Buffalo and several other cities in Western N.Y.

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Taste the passion!

Beefing up your menu can drive more customers to your deli

Hello devoted reader! Here we are at Co-Packing Solutions’ 6th issue and we have finally gotten around to putting beef— the king of proteins—on the cover. Poultry and pork have gotten their due; now we are proud to devote our cover food feature to beef.

We couldn’t wait to “dig in” to our beef issue, much the same way your beef-lovingcustomers can’t wait to get to the dinner table when they know a thick, juicy steak iswaiting for them. Ask someone what their favorite grilled food is, and the answer frequentlywill be “a hamburger.” Favorite type of sandwich? “Roast beef.”

Favorite comfort food? “Meat loaf.” You get where I’m going, right??

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Entice customers with creative menus and promotions

After recently making the move to the suburbs, my wife and I threw a combined housewarming/NCAA Basketball party.When we invited one of our neighbors, we got this advice: “If you’re not shopping at Rainbow Foods for the party, you should.”

There were two reasons for the recommendation: the in-store displays and the quality of the food.

Rainbow Foods has a reputation for creative and lavish product displays. There were two hugefloor displays in the front of the store: one was NCAA-themed with collegiate paraphernalia positioned amidst several beverage and snack products; the other, in the deli/produce section, featured two replica, papier mache baseball stadiums—one of Wrigley Field and one of U.S.