By Nelson S. Slavik, Ph.D.
Environmental Health Management Systems, Inc.
Niles, Michigan 49120

An automated laundering system has been developed to clean and sanitize multi-usesynthetic garments composed of PolyConversions, Inc. VR™. An extensive evaluation of an automated washing and drying process with VR™ garments has demonstrated that an automated laundering program can provide the poultry and meat processing industries with a process that can assure consistent and quality performance in cleaning and sanitizing multi-use VR™ garments. The foundation of this program is the ability of the VR™ material to retain its structural integrity and surface composition during its repeated use and during repeated washing and drying processes. Economic factors involved for consideration in the implementation of this program include equipment costs, utility costs, supply costs, labor cost, operational logistics, and space requirements. Enhanced regulatory compliance and reduced liability are additional economic factors that should also be considered.

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