This year’s Pack Expo promises to be bigger and better than ever, with an expanded focus on packaging and processing solutions. Pack Expo 2010, scheduled for Oct. 31-Nov. 3 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, contains a variety of new additions to provide the most solutions for companies in the food industry.

More than 1,600 exhibiting companies will be on hand to showcase their latest packaging and processing innovations and services. Produced by the Packaging Manufacturers Machinery Institute, the event caters not only to food and beverage companies, but also cosmetics, household cleaners and medical industries.

There will be several new sights at this year’s Pack Expo. The Processing Zone will house the latest processing technologies to help companies address the production line as a complete process. The sold-out area in the Lakeside Center will feature 150 companies, exhibiting in more than 70,000 square feet of space.

“The sold-out status of The Processing Zone is a clear indicator of the processing industry’s support for Pack Expo’s integrated, total systems approach,” said Jim Pittas, vice president, tradeshows, PMMI. “With processing solutions integrated directly into the show, attendees have the entire packaging supply chain at their fingertips, and exhibitors can provide the collaborative, total systems approach their customers want and need.”

The Brand Zone features innovative containers and materials designed to increase visual impact, enhance convenience, maximize shelf life and add functionality. Project 2020, sponsored by DuPont, will showcase the future of packaging and retail through emerging trends and technology.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association is also presenting a “Manufacturing Excellence Conference,” to be co-located with Pack Expo International 2010. The conference will feature three tracks — operational reliability, product safety and sustainability — to help brand owners succeed. Alan Wilson, president & CEO of McCormick & Co., will deliver the keynote address.

Following are some of the companies that will be exhibiting at Pack Expo International 2010.


Eriez features a complete line of metal detection, X-Ray, magnetic separation equipment, and more for all packaging applications.

Detectors and Inspection
    * Metal detection equipment
    * Liquid, dry and packaged goods

X-Ray Inspection Systems
    * Superior sensitivity and speed
    * Real-time analysis of goods
    * Monitor packaging for count, mass and fill level
    * Detect metals, stone, glass and plastics.

Magnetic Separators
    * High performance Rare Earth
    * Electromagnetic filtration systems
    * Sanitary easy-to-clean systems

Vibratory Feeders & Conveyors
    * Complete line for all food applications
    * Accurate, uniform product flow
    * Systems include hoppers, controls, screeners, etc.

Xpress Delivery
    * 60 stock items ready-to-ship
    * Feeders available in 5 days
    * Sizes for most applications

“How to Choose & Use” Booklets

FREE guides are packed with information to make it easy to understand and specify complex processing equipment.

2200 Asbury Road
Erie, PA 16506
(888) 300-ERIEZ (3743)
Fax: (814) 838-4960
Pack Expo Booth #N-3304

Multisorb Inc.

Multisorb Technologies will be showcasing active packaging solutions from its healthcare, food and beverage and electronics packaging divisions at this year’s Pack Expo. The core theme at booth E-6218 will be Multisorb’s Calculation through OperationsSM (CtO) value proposition which is a sophisticated simulation service that determines a product’s chemical and/or physical stability outcome when exposed to oxygen and moisture. Based on the results, Multisorb will create either a Drop-In, Fit-In, or Built-In sorbent solution to protect the product.

Healthcare packaging solutions on display will include:
    * StabilOx® Canister and Packet Systems
    * Sorbent solutions for Drug Products, Medical Devices, and Dietary Supplements

Food and Beverage solutions on display will include:
    * MAPLOXSM Program for Case-Ready Meat
    * FreshCard™ multifunctional oxygen absorbing cards

On the floor will also be a range of sorbent dispensing systems for the food and pharmaceutical markets.

Multisorb Technologies
325 Harlem Road
Buffalo, NY 14224
(716) 824-8900
Fax: (716) 824-4128
Pack Expo Booth #E-6218

OCS Checkweighers Inc.

Although OCS Checkweighers specializes in wet food and pharmaceutical checkweighing, OCS Checkweighers has solutions for most products in most industries. From chicken parts to auto parts, and eye drop bottles to paint buckets, OCS delivers the most accurate weights in dynamic weighing. The product range varies from quality checkweighers as low as $16k for simple applications to high-end checkweighers breaking speeds of 600+ pieces per minute that make the most complex projects seem effortless. Every component on an OCS Checkweigher is designed for the specific application environment and engineered to complement the weighing process. OCS’ HC-WD series checkweighers are IP69K protected and ready for the harshest of environments. The new HC-WD-SL is a single belt system designed for large products up to 60 pounds needing to be accurately weighed in wash-down areas. Whether you need to weigh uncooked pizzas or a case of burgers, OCS Checkweighers has the solution.

OCS Checkweighers Inc.
2350 Hewatt Road
Snellville, GA 30039
(678) 344-8300
Fax: (678) 344-8030
Pack Expo Booth # 4606


Reiser will feature live demonstrations of its complete line of processing and packaging equipment and solutions. Of special interest to food processors will be Reiser’s wide variety of packaging solutions, including Repak horizontal form/fill/sealers, Ross tray sealers, and Supervac vacuum chamber packaging. Reiser will demonstrate its Ross S-Series Tray Sealer, which produces modified atmosphere packages (MAP) from preformed trays of almost any size or shape. They package fresh, refrigerated, retort or frozen food products at a full range of output rates.

Reiser will also demonstrate its Repak horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machine in combination with their Vemag hamburger patty forming system. The formed patties are conveyed from the Vemag, automatically indexed and then loaded into the Repak. This automatic processing and packaging solution is ideal for high-volume applications.

725 Dedham Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 821-1290
Fax: (781) 821-1316
Pack Expo Booth #6603