Tightly Zipped

Perdue Farms Inc., Salisbury, Md., locks in freshness with innovative packaging. John Kelly Jr., product marketing manager, discusses the matter with The National Provisioner.

NP: How do you use packaging to differentiate your brands? How did you develop your packaging?
JK: Packaging is a critical component of any new product launch, and consumer research supported the decision to go with the slider zipper technology for our line of sliced meats products. This decision also gives PERDUE® a significant point of differentiation in the sliced meats category vs. the competition.
NP: What were the challenges in choosing ideal packaging? How did you resolve those challenges?  
JK: We worked closely with Pactiv to develop the appropriate packaging closure system to allow us to accomplish our objectives.
NP: What did you hope to accomplish in selecting the chosen packaging?  
JK: This upgraded packaging gives our line of PERDUE® sliced meats an upscale look and design, positioning it at the top of the sliced meat category versus our competitors.
NP: How does your packaging stand up concerning consumer appeal?
JK: Research shows that consumers perceive a significant benefit from products that offer the slider zipper, and are far more likely to purchase products that utilize this technology.
NP: How does your packaging address such concerns as freshness, food safety, ease of opening and convenience, among other things?
JK: The use of slider zipper technology ensures that PERDUE® sliced meats offer 100-percent freshness and maximum product shelf life. Additionally, the slider zipper is a more consumer-friendly re-sealing option. Consumers can quickly and easily seal the package and rest assured that it is completely closed; products that utilize a slider zipper better satisfy their needs. NP