Well-known rock musician Huey Lewis and his friend John Tyson, chairman of Tyson Foods, both have a love for music and golf. However, they also share an interest in hunger relief that has led to a major donation to a network of Montana food banks.

Through Tyson Foods, the two initiated the shipment of more than 30,000 pounds of chicken to the Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN), Montana’s only statewide hunger organization.The donated food is enough to produce 120,000 meals.

“I’m thankful for my friendship with John and his willingness to help feed people in need here in our state,” said Lewis, who calls Montana home. “Like many other parts of the country, hunger is a serious concern here, especially with rising food and fuel costs.”

“Our company has been active in hunger relief for more than a decade and we appreciate Huey’s interest in joining us in this effort,” said John Tyson. “In addition to feeding people, we’re hopeful this donation will also help increase hunger awareness and prompt more people to step forward and get involved."

“We’re grateful for the donation, which boosts our mission to help those who need emergency food,” said Peggy A. Grimes, CEO of the Montana Food Bank Network. “The people we’re helping often work, sometimes in several jobs, yet still don’t make enough money to provide for their families. In fact, based on USDA estimates, more than 30 percent of Montanans are considered to be at risk of hunger.”

The Montana Food Bank Network provides emergency food to 175,000 people across the state through a network of 200 agencies. In 2010, the Network supplemented local agencies with nearly 8.5 million pounds of food.

Source: Tyson Foods Inc.