Vista casingsVista International Packaging LLC announces the company has reached an agreement with ViskoTeepak to begin distributing Wienie-Pak cellulose casings in the United States market. Wienie-Pak cellulose has been produced and distributed throughout Europe for thirty years and is considered to be the best performing cellulose casing available in the European market. Through this agreement, in 2013 Vista will begin limited distribution in the U.S. of Wienie-Pak with a modest annual sales target of 200 million meters. The company is open to opportunities with customers of all sizes.

Vista has been the exclusive converting, sales, and service representative in the U.S. for ViskoTeepak’s fibrous casings for over forty years and ViskoTeepak’s Nova tubular plastic casings for almost ten years.  In 2013, in recognition of their long-standing strategic relationship, the two companies also entered into an agreement whereby ViskoTeepak has taken a minority equity position in Vista. “This agreement is a natural progression in our partnership, reflects our mutual commitment to delivering value for our customers, and ensures that this relationship will continue far into the future,” said Tom Danneker, president and CEO of Vista International Packaging.

For more information on Wienie-Pak cellulose casings or any other casing requirements, contact Colin Neill at (262) 697-6554 or