Fiberstar Inc. released a video series covering the three new solutions using citrus fiber to clean up meat alternative labels. For instance, the videos demonstrate how to create the meat-free or vegan patties using specific ingredients, equipment and methods. Ultimately, the citrus fiber replaces methyl cellulose and creates the meat-like texture and bite that consumers expect.

Fiberstar launched three new solutions sets using natural citrus fiber to replace methyl cellulose in meat alternatives. As a result, these innovative solutions meet the three requirements when developing meat substitutes. First, it needs to create meat-like appearance and texture. Secondly, the solution set should also deliver the succulence and juiciness that consumers expect. Lastly, this replacement solution must clean up labels.

Citri-Fi citrus fiber meets all the requirements to make a high quality meat analog. For instance, Citri-Fi® TX large particle size and water holding creates the meat-like texture and appearance. In addition, the Citri-Fi 100 series' high surface area binds oil and water. As a result, the citrus fiber enhances the succulence and juiciness. Since Citri-Fi's labeling options include citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour, this resonates well in the clean label market. Moreover, this citrus fiber replaces methyl cellulose to create more natural meat alternative food products.

Watching the video series will not only speed up product development efforts, but it will also illustrate the excellent functional benefits that Citri-Fi citrus fiber offers.

To access the video series, contact the company.