Formax Multitec white paperLunchmeat and cheese processors throughout the world insist on getting the highest quality product with the least amount of waste in their slicing and autoloading systems. So, when planning for new lines or updating existing slicing lines, processors must know which of the newest technologies will maximize their line performance plus meet and even surpass their exacting production needs. To help with this endeavor, Formax Slicing and Multitec Autoloading technologies have joined forces to offer Slicing & Autoloading Performance Solutions, a technology guide White Paper that can be downloaded free at

This contemporary technology guide is designed to assist processors by providing critical information that will help them make informed decisions to get the most from their slicing operations. Five performance solutions are featured in the White Paper: AccuPower patented Independent Product Drives for accurate weight control and increased yields; PowerScanner for superior portion control of naturally shaped products; Safety Laser Scanner for advanced safety and hygiene; New Blade Technology for improved slice integrity, product appearance, and overall productivity; and Multitec Autoloading Systems for greater line efficiency and labor savings.

“There is a common saying in the industry that ‘the money is in the meat,’” said Brian Sandberg, Global Product Manager for Chicago, Ill.-based Provisur Technologies, parent company of the Formax and Multitec brands, in a recent feature published in an industry magazine. “The lower the package giveaway and the higher the slicing yields, the higher the profit for the processor.”

Formax Slicing technologies and Multitec Autoloading solutions provide many benefits. The AccuPower Independent Drives from the Formax Slicing system increase yields and minimize giveaway. When paired with customized Multitec Autoloading with standard proven components, the combination allows you to load almost any product presentation into any packaging format. By combining the larger throat size and increased speed of Formax Slicers with the ability of Multitec Autoloading to keep up where manual loading cannot, you’ll benefit from speed and reduced labor for a faster ROI.

Formax Slicing offers enhanced blade design for better slice quality. Multitec solutions allow for presentation flexibility to flip, turn, overlap, or make any other presentation and deliver the most eye-catching product. The combined hygienic features of Formax Slicers, including open construction for easy cleaning, with reduced manual intervention from Multitec Autoloading, ensure you’re meeting the highest food safety standards.

“Line automation continues to be a motivating factor for slicing processors,” Sandberg added. “Minimizing product handling reduces the line labor required and serves to improve the overall hygienic operation of the line. If done correctly, it also can allow processors to exceed manual-loading capacity and maximize the throughput of the line.”

The very competitive business climate and higher unit costs make it even more important that processors are slicing as efficiently and effectively as possible. This exclusive White Paper will help them reach that goal.

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