Provisur Formax MultitecFaced with the growing and simultaneous demand for greater throughput, operational efficiencies and cost savings, today’s processors can maximize both their performance and investment by leveraging the combined strength of Formax Slicing and Multitec Autoloading systems. Together, Formax Slicing technologies and Multitec Autoloading solutions deliver the highest line efficiency at the lowest cost of ownership.

The integrated systems, part of the Provisur family of proven brands, unite to increase yields, line throughput, portion control and flexibility while reducing labor, giveaway and ultimately, cost of ownership. For example, the patented independent drives in the Formax slicing system increases yields and reduces giveaway by up to 1-2% compared to single drive systems. When paired with Multitec autoloading, the combination allows for an almost limitless variety of product presentations to any packaging formats. When it comes to product presentation, the enhanced blade design of Formax slicers provides better slice quality. Add Multitec autoloading, and the result is more visually appealing products.

The power of these two technologies is also evident in improved throughput and speed. Compared to manual loading technologies, Multitec can accommodate the faster speed and greater throughput resulting from the larger throat size and faster operation of Formax slicers. Food safety is also enhanced with the open construction and hygienic design of the slicing equipment as well as the automated loading process. 

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Provisur Technologies Inc., with a family of proven brands, AM2C, Beehive, Cashin, Formax, Multitec, TST and Weiler, offers a complete platform for food processing equipment, including meat recovery, separating, grinding, mixing, material handling, forming, slicing, coating, cooking and freezing equipment for processing beef, poultry, pork, fish and other food products.

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