Maximum yield, accuracy and efficiency that lead to a lower cost of ownership are all achieved with the revolutionary, truly cutting-edge PowerMax Slicing Systems from Formax. The PowerMax System is comprised of 5 Cutting Edge Technologies that each have signature designs and functions yet combine for optimal slice quality and operational efficiency, safety and profitability.

The 5 Cutting Edge Technologies from Formax – featured in a new eBook published online at – span the entire slicing process, from setting up the most precise slicing to presenting and positioning portions to the packaging machine. Each technology has been carefully designed and built to execute its own particular function, but also engineered to be part of an integrated slicing solution.

Formax’s 5 Cutting Edge Technologies include:

1.       The PowerMax Independent Drive System: Compared to a single drive system that feeds logs at the same rate and treats them as one common product, the independent drive system in the PowerMax delivers each log to the blade separately and is able to adjust to small variations within each log, providing accurate weight control over every sliced portion. Paired with independent scales and classifiers, the independent drives deliver superior portion control. Giveaway is reduced by at least 0.5% to 1%, compared to single drive systems.

2.       The PowerScanner: This scanner uses proactive weighing and scanning to create an accurate 3-D image of naturally and irregularly shaped products before they enter the slicer, allowing processors to more accurately and consistently get the highest yields. Accept rates for irregular items can be up to 98%. And used with the independent drive, the PowerScanner enables a user to slice more than one irregularly shaped product at a time with the highest level of portion control.

3.       The PowerMax Safety Laser Scanner: Processors can improve safety and hygiene with the unique PowerMax Safety Laser Scanner, which safely protects the slicer while minimizing the number of physical guards to provide an open machine design. The number of guards that have to be removed for cleaning is minimized which ensures thorough machine cleanings. 
The slicer also features automatic movement into the cleanup position and automatic movement back to the ready position with the touch of a button to further simplify machine cleaning.

4.       PowerMax Blade Technology: Starting with a high chromium alloy that goes through a    14-step manufacturing process to extend blade life with greater resistance to shattering, the blade technology in the Formax system is designed for maximum yield with excellent slice quality. Formax offers a wide range of blade profiles, angles, and edge serrations in order to optimize slicing performance and ensure slice integrity for every application. 

5.       The Multitec Autoloading System: Minimize labor, increase line throughput, and optimize line efficiency with Multitec autoloading technology. Multitec can customize an autoloading solution for virtually any application and product presentation utilizing servo-driven modular designs and proven concepts. A wide range of slice positioning capabilities allow product to be overlapped, turned or flipped, reflecting processors’ increasing need for versatility and their own custom solutions for a more appealing product presentation.

Learn more about slicing innovations by reading a comprehensive eBook on “5 Cutting Edge Technologies to Empower Your Slicing Performance,” available at

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