Wolf-tec masceratorThe Polar Flex Carve from Wolf-tec is a superior macerator that delivers the highest levels of technology, flexibility, automation and performance. Processors using the Polar Flex Carve have consistently reported increases in yield from 0.5%-1.5%, and some as high as 4% and 5%. That’s a return on investment in as quick as 9-12 months.

The Polar Flex Carve is used to pre-condition all types of meat and poultry products prior to massaging, tumbling or other further processing. The Flex Carve cuts uniform slices into the meat surface to greatly increase the surface area of the meat. The increased surface area improves protein extraction, brine absorption, and product binding, which all result in a very consistent product with significantly higher yields.

The Polar Flex Carve provides multiple surface treatment options. It features two pairs of independently controlled knife rollers. Each roller pair can be set to provide single or double maceration. Roller clearance and blade penetration are easily adjustable. And with a variety of blade choices available, there is simply no other macerator equipped to provide this level of control and flexibility.

The Flex Carve features a touch screen PLC controller to store all of your maceration recipes, allowing easy recall of all settings and virtually eliminating costly operator errors. With just the push of a button, the operator can easily select the proper recipe for each muscle type – the roller clearance and slice depth are all automatically adjusted.

The Flex Carve leads the way in food safety. Its hygienic design allows the unit to be washed inside and out. All critical components are housed in Nema 4X enclosures. Gearboxes and motors are constructed entirely of stainless steel. The Flex Carve has a compact footprint and easily rolls in and out of production lines. It is designed and constructed to greatly reduce spare parts and maintenance costs. Its stainless steel direct-drive motors completely eliminate the downtime of changing and cleaning chains and sprockets.

For more information, contact Wolf-tec Inc.: Phone: (845) 340-9727, or visit www.wolf-tec.com.