Firefighters were called into to battle a fire at an Armstrong County, Pa., meat packing company on Wednesday morning. The fire at Dayton Packing, located in Wayne Township, left the building a total loss, reports CBS News. The cause of the fire is unclear.

Multiple fire departments, including some from Indiana County, were called to the scene. Crews needed to use tanker trucks to haul in water from a nearby pond in Dayton.

“We had water tankers coming on from local departments, so it was not an issue as far as running out of water,” said Dayton Assistant Fire Chief Barry Lockhart.

The family that operated the plant had just acquired the business in June. They lived next door to the facility, though their house was not damaged,.

“[The owner] and his wife were just in the process of opening it, getting it up and running, so they are taking a devastating loss,” Lockhart said.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh