Multi-Conveyor TransferMulti-Conveyor ( recently built a pneumatic 90° transfer designed for a packaged meat operation that required products that are two or three abreast to be transferred 90 degrees at 20 cycles per minute.

The application required a change in orientation from the narrow edge leading from the upstream equipment, to the wide edge leading for the downstream equipment. It also needed to combine three lanes of product down to a single flow. Both of the requirements were met by using a box-in-box style pneumatic pusher design.

The device results in the elimination of pinch points associated with the mechanism itself. Care is also taken to avoid pinch points associated with the adjacent guide rails.

Also considered were the need for sanitation and cleanability of the mechanism. The adjacent rails and the product end-stop are removable. The stainless steel cover over the assembly is detachable for access to removable air cylinder and UHMW slide guides for easy cleaning.

The pneumatic 90° push transfer used for these irregular shaped products with uneven wraps can also be used for traditional carton and case handling applications. The pusher can be custom designed for various product sizes, weights and rates, as well as for the particular environment associated with the application. Construction can be stainless steel or painted carbon steel, with standard duty components or sanitary wash-down components as required by the application.

Multi-Conveyor has successfully installed standard and custom conveyor solutions to over Integrators, OEM's, and end-users across multiple markets and industries for over two decades. Specializing in conveyors that assist in packaging food, dairy, bottling, pharmaceutical, chemical, and material handling industries, our customers report they select Multi-Conveyor for concept/design, engineering skills, high-quality product, best value and prompt delivery schedules.

Multi-Conveyor excels in mild steel painted and stainless steel conveyors, multi-flex chain conveyors, plastic modular or friction belt systems, pre-engineered quick ship conveyors and our concept to installation custom designs.

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