Cantrell has produced a video to show all the features and uses of the patented CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter.

The four-minute video, photographed at a large processing plant, shows two Wing Segmenters;  one fed by a cone line and the other one by rehanging. The Wing Segmenter enables this customer to process up to 330 wings per minute.

“It’s the best, it paid for itself in 8 weeks,” said one Cantrell customer. “There is no comparison to the improvement of the cuts now versus our past operation.”

It can be viewed on the company’s website at

“We’re excited to get this video completed because it shows how our CWCS-8400 is setting the new industry standard for Wing processing,” said Dane Woods, Cantrell’s General Manager of Sales/Service/Engineering.

Capable of processing up to 185 wings per minute, the Wing Segmenter properly orients the wing at various line speeds for accuracy on each individual cut. Processors can cut tips, flats and drummettes at one location. The CWCS-8400 is capable of handling varying sizes of wings. The shackle transfer eliminates misfeeds.

The Wing Segmenter provides labor savings for processors. When fed by a cone line, the only person who touches the wing is the employee who cuts it off the bird and then hangs it on to a shackle. The shackle then transports the wing directly to the Wing Segmenter, eliminating the need for rehanging. 

The Segmenter utilizes only one motor, which drives the chain and Segmenter. The patented design allows for simple blade replacement, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance requirements.

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