Meyn Technology ServicesMore and more processors realize that continuous success is a matter of managing technology and processes as one. Meyn realizes this and therefore we now introduce Meyn technology services; to help processors get a clear view on the possible opportunities in their process. The Meyn technologists, with global experience in poultry processing, have all the knowledge it takes to benchmark a facility to the best practices.

The Meyn technologist performs a survey in the plant which will focus on a predetermined scope and objective. During the survey, the Meyn technologist will analyze, measure and monitor the process and based on the findings, a detailed report with recommendations will be made and presented to management. The report will give insight on possible cost reductions that can be achieved, but will also highlight ways of potentially increasing the revenues. Over the past few years, Meyn has performed many surveys and on average the cost reductions per survey amount to EUR 382,000 and increase in revenue could be as high EUR 2,000,000!

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