Jarvis Hog SplitterJarvis introduces the JR-165 Hog Splitting Robot, the newest addition to Jarvis’ line of automatic splitting systems.  Due to the JR-165’s technically advanced operating systems, and remote diagnostics capabilities – it’s a game changer revolutionizing the way the meat industry automatically splits hog carcasses.  Combining years of splitting experience with the latest robotic technology, Jarvis has developed a splitting system providing exacting performance, proven reliability, and unmatched diagnostic capabilities. The system produces the highest quality loins and necks, along with greater amounts of specialty products. Our ultra-thin saw blade creates minimal bone dust during the splitting process.  Besides the benefits of high production rates and faster line operations, Jarvis’ hog splitting robot adapts to any type of slaughter line, and can be installed anywhere on the production line, even near corners.  An integrated carcass stabilizer, along with carcass tracking and automatic size detection, allows a pair of robots to operate truly unattended.  A stainless steel base and a completely jacketed arm make the JR-165 easy to clean and maintain.

As an added benefit, customers can utilize Jarvis’ saw blade re-sharpening service based in Omaha, Nebraska. If necessary, this service provides fast turnaround times in as little as 24 hours.

For more information about the new JR-165 robot, please contact Vincent Volpe:

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