Jarvis Products Corporation produces the Model CPE, pneumatically powered hock and neck cutter for chickens, ducks and game birds. The CPE is the fastest and most durable chicken hock and neck cutter on the market. Constructed from tough, corrosion resistant materials for optimum hygiene and easy maintenance, the CPE doesn’t need any oil or grease for lubrication. There are no springs, meaning more tool power – all air pressure is converted into cutting force. The tool has pneumatic blade closing and opening.

Normal operation is 90 psi (6.2 bar). The CPE has a 1.75 inch (44.5 millimeters) blade opening, and the overall tool length is 13.5 inches (34 centimeters). Very hard stainless steel blades require only occasional sharpening.

For information about the Model CPE, please contact Jarvis Products Corporation: 860-347-7271; fax: 860 347-9905; e-mail sales@jarvisproducts.com website: www.jarvisproducts.com.