Jarvis’ new, uniquely designed Model HPS-1 non-penetrating Euthanasia Stunner euthanizes turkeys, poultry and small livestock with insensibility to pain.  It can be used with either an easily changeable 12 ounce CO2 cylinder providing over 150 shots, or an air pressure connection for operating the stunner.  Its unique application makes it practical for euthanizing piglets (up to 30 pounds / 13.6 kg), rabbits, ostriches, fish, ducks, goats, sheep and geese. Jarvis’ HPS-1 has adjustable impact pressure for handling different sized animals.  Single trigger control makes for comfortable handling and operation.  Besides being light weight, it is easy to repair and clean.

Jarvis provides free service and training.

Jarvis equipment is sold and serviced worldwide through 18 branch locations, and Jarvis’ J26 Exclusive Distributors.  For more information about the new HPS-1 Euthanasia Stunner, please contact Vincent R. Volpe:

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