Jarvis Products Corporation is introducing the Model AST 106 PAS Stunner Tester as a fast, accurate device for measuring bolt speeds on Jarvis’ Type C and Type P PAS (Power Actuated Stunner) Stunners. For operators, the AST 106 is easy to use and automatically logs test results. Operators can freely select stunner type and cartridge to be tested. A control box screen clearly displays bolt velocity after stunner is fired. Velocity is displayed in green when bolt velocity reading falls within an expected range. Red is displayed when the bolt velocity reading is low, and not acceptable.

Economical and simple to operate, the AST 106 is durable, quick to assemble and stores easily.

Jarvis equipment is sold and serviced worldwide through 18 branch locations, and Jarvis’ J26 Exclusive Distributors.

For more information about the new AST 106 PAS Stunner Tester, please contact Vincent R. Volpe:

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