The 2015 Handtmann Maintenance and Repair Training Class Schedule features in-depth two and three day courses for each major product line, including the Handtmann VF 600 series, the Handtmann HVF line and Handtmann’s broad range of Automatic Linking and Hanging options.

Each course is designed for individuals who are responsible for managing, supervising or directly maintaining and repairing Handtmann stuffing and linking equipment.

Course participants will learn to perform all operator-level and general-level maintenance functions, monitor and use all safety features, troubleshoot operational issues and effectively use Handtmann’s detailed OEM reference materials.

According to Tim Spannbauer, National Service Manager for Handtmann, Inc., the same equipment advances that have enabled greater accuracy, better reliability and more operational efficiency “now also require more specialized initial training - a focused combination of mechanical, electrical and computer knowledge for each product that helps companies benefit from optimal performance throughout a longer equipment life.”

Each OEM course is taught by a Certified Handtmann Technology Center Instructor who specializes in that piece of equipment. “And,” Spannbauer says, “each equipment specialist is careful to make very good use of each student’s time in the course as they qualify them to handle Handtmann’s New Equipment Warranty work and 2,000 hour OEM Maintenance requirements.”

Besides specific new equipment warranty and required maintenance instruction, Spannbauer notes that each course also includes special modules on electrical & CAT 3 electronic system maintenance and troubleshooting, software programming options, servo technology integration and maintenance, and the management of Handtmann’s many flexible functionality options that are available in different combinations to operators, maintenance workers and supervisors.

“The quality of this year’s educational and training program,” Spannbauer proudly says, “reflects our much larger commitment to not only deliver the most accurate and reliable solutions for our customers, but to support them in meaningful ways that help make our equipment more effective for their team - and make their relationship with our Handtmann team more profitable for their organization.”

 All 2015 service and training courses for US and Canadian customers will be held at the Arthur Handtmann Technology Center in Lake Forest, IL. The courses are open to all Handtmann customers and are free with new equipment purchases. Registration is available at or or by contacting the Handtmann office. Registration should be made early because space for each free course is limited. 

2015 Handtmann OEM Training Schedule
The Arthur Handtmann Technology Center, Lake Forest, IL

Equipment Spring Class Dates Summer/Fall Class Dates
VF 600 Series March 24-26  July 28-30
VF 608  May 26-27 October 27-28
HVF 600 Series June 23-25 November 17-19
Automatic Linking Series with VF 600 Series April 21-23 August 25-27