Two Wisconsin sausage makers are going to court in a trademark infringement case over the term “backyard brat.” Klement Sausage Co. is suing Johnsonville Sausage in federal court, saying that it trademarked "backyard bratwurst" in 2009 and that Johnsonville's attempt to trademark "backyard grilled brat" was rejected by federal regulators.

"Despite this independent government assessment and despite Klement’s demand to stop its infringing conduct, Johnsonville refuses to remove its confusingly similar trademark from the market, which it is using to sell identical goods: bratwurst sausages. Johnsonville’s actions are in direct violation of federal and state law. Therefore, Klement seeks to obtain injunctive relief against Johnsonville to cease its illegal activities, and to recover damages caused by Johnsonville’s trademark violations," the suit says.

Klement Sausage has not specified a dollar amount in its lawsuit. Johnsonville has not issued a statement about the suit.

Source: Fox 11 News