AP (Automated Production Systems) is introducing an advanced new filter to help reduce the risk of swine viruses in pork production facilities. The Camfil Pathogen Barrier Pro uses a unique, specially designed glass/synthetic hybrid media, offering the benefits of both.

The efficiency of the glass media provides a particle capture efficiency of more than 95 percent on the most virulent particles sizes that hold the highest concentration of viruses and travel considerable distances. The new filter also offers the strength and durability of a synthetic filtration media to reduce the potential for installation and handling damage, further reducing the risk of livestock exposure to airborne contaminants such as PED and PRRS.

“The combined efficiency from fine fiber glass and the durability from synthetic components is five times stronger than standard glass media and provides the best possible protection against outbreaks,” said Brian Rieck, AP product manager. “And, like other Camfil filters, the Pathogen Barrier Pro filter is designed to stay in service for three to four years, with no loss in performance.”

Study shows reduced outbreaks with filters

A 10-year study conducted by the Swine Vet Center in St. Peter, Minnesota, has tracked disease outbreaks at more than 100 swine farms in south-central Minnesota before and after they installed filtration systems. On average, for the five years before installing filtration systems, 53.2 percent of the farms were experiencing outbreaks each year. After installing filtration, there was a dramatic decline, with only 9.6 percent of the farms having outbreaks.

Darwin Reicks, D.V.M., who has been tracking the study results, said the upfront cost of installing filtration systems may seem high to producers, but the investment is well worth it. “The results are telling,” said Dr. Reicks. “While no system can stop 100 percent of particles from entering barns, filtration does make a big difference. Prevention of one PRRS outbreak pays for the system.”

Rieck, of AP, said value is also an important consideration, noting that AP is the only company that guarantees its filters will hold their rated efficiency for the entire life of the filters. For additional information, visit http://www.automatedproduction.com or contact your AP dealer.