TOMRA Sorting Food has launched a new way of naming its food sorting machines to bring clarity and simplicity to the way its next generation of sorters can be identified and specified by customers.

The company’s new sorting machines will be classified in platform series numbered between 1 and 5, with the numbers being used for increasing application complexity. The 1 Series platform sorters will typically be used for less complex sorting applications, whereas the 5 Series platform sorters are suited for more complex sorting applications. TOMRA has based its classification on sorting performance and the markets the machines will address. The number is then followed by the machine’s platform type, where A stands for ‘in-air’, B for ‘belt’ and C for ‘chute’.

Within each machine series, TOMRA offers customers maximum flexibility in the form of different models based on the technology options that can be incorporated into the machine. This way, the specific sorting requirements for a wide variety of foods can be met.

The first of the next generation machines to be named this way is the TOMRA 5B, a state-of-the-art sorter for the vegetable, fresh cut and potato processing industries. The second machine to be launched is the TOMRA 5A, which sorts whole unpeeled and peeled process potatoes.

Ashley Hunter, head of TOMRA Sorting Food and senior vice president, explains: “As our technology continues to evolve, simplifying the naming of our machines has the advantage of providing our customers with greater clarity around the classification of our systems and the benefits they deliver.”

“As all of our next generation machines will be based on TOMRA ACT, a new common sorting platform with an easy-to-use graphical user interface, we are now able to provide greater customization than ever before to meet the ongoing needs of food growers, processors and packers around the world.”

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