The Brazilian beef industry is hailing the move by China, Chile and Egypt, as those three countries have lifted their bans on Brazilian beef. The bans, as well as bans by several other countries, were instituted after an “Operation Weak Flesh” scandal where several Brazilian beef processors were alleged to have shipped rotten meat overseas.

"Lifting this suspension was the result of a giant effort by Brazil to explain that the investigation targeted the conduct of individuals and not the quality of the meat," Brazil's Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi told Reuters news agency.

According to BBC News, Chile and China will keep their import bans for the 21 Brazilian plants under investigation by the Brazilian government. The United States has not announced any ban but has stepped up its inspection procedures of Brazilian beef since the scandal broke. The country’s export business has been left reeling by the bans, and the government has been quick to defend the industry as a whole.

Source: BBC News