Thirty-five years ago, NuTEC Manufacturing was founded. Over the past four decades, this leading manufacturer of food forming equipment and portioning depositors has not only built high quality machines; they have built a brand and a reputation that is as stainless as the steel they use to manufacture.

Like all successful companies, adapting to changing times is paramount. NuTEC’s management team is embracing that principle by re-designing the company’s logo and re-branding the company’s image to better reflect who they are in 2017. “We took on this challenge to truly clarify who NuTEC is today,” says Tom Tonra, Director of Sales & Marketing. “Our company has changed over the past 35 years. It is time to adapt our logo and brand to better reflect who NuTEC is and what we offer to food processors.”

To that end, the NuTEC team looked at what best differentiates their equipment and their company in the marketplace. “Simply put, it’s our rotor design that defines us. Our vane-style rotor is like no other. It gently feeds product through an orifice that matches the required forming width. This helps reduce further introduction of mechanical energy, reduces shear edges that can damage particle integrity and produces a constant yet fully adjustable volume. The end result is accurate portion weight, consistent shapes, high volume repeatability and excellent particle definition,” explains Tonra.

So the new logo – the new look for NuTEC is actually the outline of their unique rotor. It’s an identifiable, iconic design that helps to better define who NuTEC is in the 21st century. Stop by booth #2449 at the Process Expo Show to learn more about NuTEC’s evolving plans to better serve their customers through their re-branding process.

For more information, contact NuTEC Manufacturing at:  
908 Garnet Court  
New Lenox, IL  60451