Hollymatic’s Model 120 Precision Bulker was engineered from the KIS (Keep It Simple) principle and has it ever made things easy. From the adjustable stand and conveyor that easily matches the output level of the grinder, providing a comfortable height for any operator, to the ability to fit most 32/42 and 52 size mixer/grinder, all you need to do is plug the bulker in, drop paper into place, and switch on the power.

Adjustable from 10 to 32 oz., Hollymatic’s Precision Bulker consistently portions ground meat into loaves with clean, squared corners for an attractive appearance. Paper is automatically dispensed under each portion, enhancing meat color and extending life. Loaves can go directly into meat case or freezer.            

No tools are required for assembly or dis-assembly. There’s no need for bolting or aligning. A foot-switch on the grinder controls output and leaves hands free for handling meat portions. Hollymatic’s Precision Bulker is easy to clean, too. Simply slide out the conveyor and knife, unclamp the extruder, spin off the adapter and take it to the sink.

For more information, visit www.hollymatic.com or call (708)579-3700.