The Symrise Global Culinary Team has launched the Joy of Authentic Food Initiative which helps food manufacturers create the unique food experiences their customers demand by capturing the best of science and nature.

Noah Michaels, Senior Chef and Culinary Team Leader, stated that the global Joy of Authentic Food program is part of a natural evolution that is taking place in the culinary arena. Consumers, especially the influential Millennial demographic, want to have “real” food experiences. They are watching cooking shows that highlight ethnic and local food, going on citywide tasting treks, shopping at local farmers’ markets and attending interactive chef-hosted events.  These consumers go out of their way to know where their food is coming from, engaging with the farmers, bakers, butchers and artisans.

Chef Michaels explained that the Joy of Authentic Food is a collaborative, multileveled working approach with peer to peer partnership at the heart of it. This is clearly illustrated by the three-year journey taken by Symrise NA to elevate the Culinary Center to the high standards Symrise had set. He explains, “In addition to completely rebuilding our culinary facility, an increased staff that includes two certified research chefs, have come together to bring exceptional culinary capabilities to support our customers. Our culinary flavor experts participate in an integrated concept development process, aiming toward long term partnerships with customers by combining nature – the commitment to source only the highest quality natural raw materials – with science – our technological expertise that allows us to interpret and translate these into new flavor concepts. We are dedicated to helping our customers discover, build and deliver the Joy of Authentic Food in their products, significantly supporting them through our industry leadership in high performance herb, spice and vegetable flavors – the core elements in creating authentic food that delivers incomparable joy to consumers.”

Noah also explained that the Culinary Center’s flavor professionals employ the Company’s complete Authentic Food culinary toolkit to bring innovative solutions which deliver the Joy of Authentic Food to customers. The toolkit features the widest range of backwards integrated materials, solutions for clean labeling requirements and positive claims, superior supply security and regulatory and quality assurance. He said, “Our analytical expertise, sensory modeling, flavor design and culinary application capabilities provide exceptional product development support for our customers.”

Noah cited Symrise programs that support the Joy of Authentic Food Program. He highlighted access to culinary insights from Symrise’s internal Chefs United program which is comprised of 35,000 worldwide professional chefs. He also referenced Symrise’s online Flavor Designers Club whose participants help in predicting winning solutions through sensory and preference models.

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