MachinePoint Engineering has remodeled its website,, its new image is fresher and has a more pleasant navigability for users, keeping up with MachinePoint´s innovative offer of services.

This renewed website with a clean and modern design presents entrepreneurs and managers that are expanding their industrial facilities how MachinePoint Engineering team can accompany them throughout the whole duration of their project, from business conception to start-up of new production lines.

MachinePoint Engineering is the division of the MachinePoint Group that provides engineering services to the dairy, beverage and food industries. MachinePoint Engineering team integrated within the client´s teams to favor know-how transfer, leaving a high added value within the teams of its customers. They keep a neutral and interest-conflict-free position when recommending the best technical solution and optimal machinery brands for each project.

The new website offers easily accessible information with intuitive menus, and with optimized navigation for mobiles, in line with MachinePoint's greater commitment to mobile technologies. MachinePoint's internal IT department has carried out the new web site improvements.

MachinePoint has been an innovative company in the industrial sector since its origins in 1998, when it was a pioneer by introducing Internet technologies as a main communication and promotion channel with its customers in the plastics and beverages industries. Today MachinePoint remains at the forefront of new technologies usage and investment, to ensure better communication with customers and potential markets; and technologies to form highly qualified geo-delocalised teams. MachinePoint has achieved an international presence in five continents thanks to these investments. It is able to compose talented multidisciplinary and multicultural teams that can work together even if they are physically apart. MachinePoint customers benefit from both the proximity of a local presence, and access to a highly qualified team, which has the flexibility to introduce the right profiles according to the needs of each project. Investment in communication and project management technologies have made this possible, allowing high talented individuals to work in the same project regardless of their location. MachinePoint has been experimenting and using these technologies for more than a decade.

Nevertheless, MachinePoint will maintain as well the more traditional communication channels such as telephone and email and believes the personal contact with its customers is the key to a successful business relationship.