Tippmann Engineering announced that the company has changed its name to Tippmann Innovation. All divisions of the company, including Tippmann Design Build, will be housed under the new name, Tippmann Innovation. The name change will take effect on October 14, 2015. There is also a new company logo which features the abbreviation for Tippmann Innovation, Ti.

Company president, Sam Tippmann, explains the reason behind the name change, “Many people know Tippmann for design, construction and engineering, however, we do so much more – including development of groundbreaking products like QuickFreeze and T2 Spacers. Now, we have combined everything under one name. With the breadth of our capabilities, we believe Tippmann Innovation better describes who we are and all we do.”

In conjunction with the name change, the company created a newly expanded website at www.ticold.com. The updated site details the company’s full range of capabilities, including engineering services, design build, cold storage warehousing and product development. It also contains complete product descriptions of QuickFreeze In-Rack Freezing System and T2 Spacer System.