Signode Industrial Group, a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of consumables, tools, software and equipment to optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect product in transit, showcased at Pack Expo Chicago, October 14-17. Under this year’s theme - “Our Brands Protect Your Brands” –15 of its key product brands were on display together for the first time in booth S-3100. Spread across over 3500 sq/ft, the exhibit setup reflected the unified approach of the multi-billion dollar business. Dedicated to fit customers’ needs for safe and secure transport of packaged products, the booth was divided into 17 display areas organized by application categories: Pack – Bundle – Unitize – Warehouse – Transport.

“This integrated showcase is meant to give attendees greater insight into the full breadth of our product offerings and showcase our commitment for meeting diverse customer demands,” said Mike Stein, Director of Global Marketing & Innovation at Signode Industrial Group. “Regardless of product category or industry, those looking for transit packaging solutions are offered a one-stop-shop.”

Attendees looking to "Pack" their products found a myriad of equipment and consumables solutions at the booth. Among those displayed, the H. BÖHL orbital stretch wrapper and Loveshaw Little David Case Sealer SP-304 were featured together for the first time in North America. Widely popular in e-commerce applications throughout Europe, the orbital wrapper is used to secure products to trays and the case sealer ensures proper closure and sealing of the protective box. The combined system improves product integrity and further increases sustainability by reducing customer dunnage, packaging waste and damage in transit.

The Loveshaw LDX RTB high-performance case sealer was also on display. Capable of processing void-filled and overstuffed cases at high speeds, the machine features case hardened steel “v” rollers and non-mechanical side rail actuation that ensures long-term performance and durability. Protective packaging solutions like Multi-Wall pre-formed packaging pads, Signode strapping equipment, Reddi-Crate laminated paperboard packaging to replace wooden crates and the Josef Kihlberg line of fast and cost-effective professional strapping products, were also displayed in the “Pack” area. 

Visitors looking to "Bundle" pallets for shipping, experienced the recently released Signode BXT3 series. The next generation of battery-powered combination tools for plastic strapping is designed to help enhance convenience and ease of use. The tool’s variable tension speed gives the operator complete control of the speed applied to the strap. The series features real time indication of tension force that increases the reliability of the process and reduces operating errors. Those looking to maximize mobility, productivity and strapping consistency interacted with the Signode GripPack Hand Tools– including GripPack Sealer and GripPack Tensioner - the world’s first battery powered combination tools for steel tube and pipe strapping. Designed without the need for air hoses or compressors, the GripPack Sealer and GripPack Tensioner allow for more portability and produce less noise.

Ensuring proper pallet load containment, the “Unitize” section of the booth featured the acclaimed Octopus™ Compact 20 TSI automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper. Competitively priced to automatic rotary arm and turntable machines in the 30-50 LPH range, the wrapper is versatile for a variety of applications and environments. With its compact size and intuitive operation the Octopus Compact 20 TSI is ideal for manufacturers looking to increase productivity without compromising space or budgets. Attendees can also learn more about the high-speed Lachenmeier brand of stretch hood machines. Ideal for bagged products on pallets and units needing waterproof protection, the Lachenmeier stretch hood machines offer both vertical and horizontal load containment while simultaneously protecting them from the elements. Those looking for a less automated solution, were offered GaleWrap Oriented Hand Film. The unique stretch wrap solution incorporates a revolutionary Tug n’ Snug feature and hemmed edges that helps users wrap loads faster while simultaneously optimizing film use and minimizing waste.

For customers looking to protect product corners and enhance load containment during shipping, Signode offered the advanced Angleboard system. Most notably on display, the SB Series provides an economical yet strong cornerboard application engineered with an innovative double-wrap construction that optimizes performance at a lower cost than traditional laminated products. The boards are made from layers of 100% recycled paper and formed with a water-based adhesive and then coated with biodegradable and water-resistant coatings. Rounding out the “Unitize” section of the booth was the pallet stabilizing adhesive, Lock N’ Pop, and Signode MHC head demonstrating the ability to reduce maintenance and increase uptime due to the modular head design.

Leaving no stone unturned, the “Warehouse” and “Transport” areas of the booth featured notable brands: StorFast, Shippers and Down River. For attendees looking to maximize warehouse capacity, StorFast is a cart-based, high density automated storage and retrieval system. The modular, scalable design can follow the contours of the building and be expanded to meet SKU increases. Those more interested in ensuring freight arrives safely regardless of shipping methods were introduced to Down River G-Force Load Securement Innovations and Shippers dunnage supplies and airbags. The display area also featured two model trucks outfitted with mini Down River samples to give attendees a visual reference to the load stabilizing solutions highlighted.

“Signode Industrial Group works hard to provide customer-focused solutions that meet varying demands,” says Stein. “Whether looking to pack, bundle, unitize, warehouse or transport, we look forward to helping attendees discover their ideal end-of-line packaging solution.”

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