Tyson Fresh Meats has revealed a new Chairman’s Reserve Prime beef offering and refreshed brand look. Chairman’s Reserve Meats is known for providing high-quality products.

“Our USDA Prime quality grade beef keeps in step with the exacting standards of our Prime Pork counterpart,” explained Ozlem Worpel, senior brand manager of Tyson Fresh Meats. The Prime Beef offering boasts strict specifications that require a Ribeye Area of 10 - 16 square inches and a hot carcass weight of less than 1,050 lbs. “It’s a welcome addition to an already-impressive portfolio.”

Chairman’s Reserve Meats now consists of Premium and Prime: a two-tier, dual-protein mix marked by different scoring specifications. 

Along with an exciting new offering, the Chairman’s Reserve Meats team revealed a new brand look. “The new Chairman’s Reserve Meats logo is an exciting nod to our brand’s fresh way of thinking about meat,” Worpel said. “We’re excited to jump into a new year by updating the look of a beloved brand like Chairman’s Reserve Meats.”

The new logo brings in a burst of fresh energy, with a modernized look designed to catch eyes and whet appetites. Researched and tested with consumers, the new crest is making a statement and backing it up with signature quality.

Not everything is new for Chairman’s Reserve Meats, however. The brand’s customer service is staying in place. Backed by the industry-leading service of Tyson Fresh Meats, the Chairman’s Reserve Meats team is committed to boosting sales and engaging customers through their strategic online and retail marketing efforts. 

To learn more about Chairman’s Reserve Meats, visit: ChooseChairmans.com.

Source: Tyson Fresh Meats