Eaglestone Equipment, a leader in the food processing conveyor industry, improves the efficiency of distribution operations with its Series 2300 Large Volume Sorting Conveyor. Sorting conveyors are used to push or divert specific products from one conveyor line to specific totes or boxes. Their great advantage is the ability to achieve higher shipping accuracy while also increasing speed. The Series 2300 reduces sorting time and manpower by requiring only one operator for the entire process.

Adjustable speed pneumatic sorting arms automatically divert products into waiting containers and shift to a different receptacle when previous cartons are full. Bright LEDS indicate when each container is near full, and completely full. The Series 2300 easily sorts both random and single product production batches through the use of eye safe infrared scanners which identify barcodes.

The Series 2300 provides long lasting service with a low operating cost. Numerous options are available to match each individual application. These include retracting ends, diverting chutes, blast gates, push offs, stainless steel casters and more. A modular plastic belt comes standard. Custom choices such as fabric, urethane, etc. can also be installed.

Finding the perfect sorting conveyor for a particular set of products that fits size and space parameters can be arduous,” said Carmen Sammauro, President of Eaglestone Equipment. “We have highly trained and experienced designers and engineers that will help you design the right custom sorting conveyor for you.”

For more information visit www.eaglestone.net.