Foodmate US continues to expand on its dedicated service program, the Asset Integrity Program (AIP), appointing Greta Holloway as the new AIP Manager, as an expansion of her current role as Parts and After Sales Manager.

Foodmate’s AIP offers customers the ability to achieve more consistent operation, performance and yield. 

Holloway has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, with specific expertise in spare parts and after sales management. In addition to bringing dedicated focus on the AIP contracts, Greta is also expanding and managing the current Customer Asset Manager (CAM) crew.  These are specialized technicians that support the new program by implementing pre-scheduled quarterly rebuilds (parts/labor) and monthly visits check-ups. 

“This is a value-added service that we decided to implement after hearing our customers’ needs. It provides an opportunity to improve overall equipment performance, as well as ensuring an even more personalized level of service”, said Greta Holloway, AIP Manager.  

“Since we launched this program, the demand has been incredible. It is very rewarding to see that our initial goal (when creating the AIP Program), to protect customers’ assets while improving on performance and yield management in the long run, has proven to be so successful. And today, our customers are seeing the benefits of pre-scheduled maintenance and rebuilds schedule, as well as regular personnel training”, added Holloway. 

The Foodmate Asset Integrity Program (AIP) consists of a contractual service agreement with a customer, with the objective to complete a set number of service visits and rebuilds in a defined period of time on specific pieces of equipment. The parameters of the contract are set to best suit each plant’s need, according to its equipment and capacity. In addition, AIP offers additional training for plant personnel, which reinforces continuous improved equipment performance.

Foodmate is a leading poultry processing equipment manufacturer based in The Netherlands. Founded by industry experts in early 2006, the company quickly expanded its worldwide distribution into North and South America with the launch of Foodmate US in 2010, and Foodmate Brasil in 2015. Foodmate has become the committed and reliable partner of major poultry processing companies worldwide. 

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