Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co., best known for its jerky and stick meat snacks, will be launching their new Zero Sugar Meat Stick at Winter Fancy Food Show. The newest offering from Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. proves that the brand continues to bring innovation to the meat snack category. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. will also be showcasing their full line of chef-crafted Jerky, Meat Sticks, and Biltong at booth 6058 for attendees to enjoy.

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. is bringing new energy to the meat snack category with its Zero Sugar Meat Stick. With the recent popularity of diets such as Keto and Paleo, more consumers have been actively reducing sugar and increasing their protein intake. Always keeping consumers in mind, Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. decided to create a clean, tasty portable snack option that fits into consumers’ evolving lifestyles. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.’s Zero Sugar Meat Stick is made of 100% premium beef and pork combined with real ingredients, which results in a tasty guilt-free snack that consumers can enjoy while on-the-go. The Zero Sugar Meat Stick boasts 8 grams of protein per 1.0oz stick, is nitrite/nitrate-free, gluten-free and is keto/paleo-friendly. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. is no stranger to zero-sugar offerings after the successful launch of its Biltong line in 2019. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. Biltong is high in protein (26 grams per bag), is naturally sugar-free and has been the snack-of-choice for health-conscious consumers.

“We are thrilled to be launching our new Zero Sugar Meat Stick at the Winter Fancy Food Show this year," said Bart Adlam, CEO of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. “As the consumer demand for low-sugar, high-protein snacks is on the rise, Chef’s Cut is committed to leading in zero sugar meat snack options, with more to come.”

Winter Fancy Food Show will take place at the Moscone Center from January 19-21, located at 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Attendees are invited to taste Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.'s full line of premium meat snacks at booth 6058. For more information on the Winter Fancy Food Show, please visit

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Source: Chef’s Cut