Most trays currently in use for patties are multi-purpose, supermarket-grade, standard-sized rectangular trays. This means that oftentimes round patties will slide around, which can result in an unattractive presentation and misshapen product.

Dolco’s new patty trays, which are available in 2-, 4- or 5-cell options, offer improved product display and enhanced performance attributes. The 4-cell patty tray is offered in two different depth options to accommodate retailer preferences. The 2- and 5-cell trays feature raised channels on the bottom that the patty sits on. The 4-cell deep and shallow trays are available with soaker pads. Both options are designed to keep patties dry and fresh, which positively impacts shelf life. The trays are available in both white and black.

Dolco’s thicker processor-grade PS patty trays are 30 percent stronger (due to tray weight) than its thinner supermarket-grade alternatives. This helps minimize cracking or folding. Further, the square shape of the 4-cell tray requires less film to overwrap and takes up less space in the case, when compared to standard rectangular trays.

The new patty trays are ideal for ready-to-cook premium products and blends (ground beef, poultry, specialty meats, salmon, crab cakes, portobello mushrooms etc.), which typically have a higher price point than bulk ground.

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