Unibloc Pump, an Atlanta-based manufacturer of sanitary positive displacement pumps and products, announced the introduction of the new QuickStrip FoodFirst 600 pump to its QuickStrip family of products. Utilizing fewer parts and featuring one-way assembly, the QuickStrip FoodFirst (QS FF) 600 pump is less susceptible to damage during cleaning, which can introduce foreign material into the process stream. By eliminating most potential causes of foreign material and adding new safety features, the QS FF 600 pump further enhances the performance, cleanability and food safety features of the QuickStrip family of pumps.

“The QuickStrip FoodFirst 600 pump was specifically designed to address the top concerns of our food processing customers, ranging from meat and poultry to pet food processing, among others” said Eric Soderstrom, sales engineer at Unibloc Pump. “With the significant number of food recalls over the past year due to foreign material contamination, we worked to develop the ultimate solution to help customers combat both the risk of contamination and equipment damage incurred during the daily sanitation process.”

An innovative, safer pumping solution for the food industry
The QS FF 600 pump is precision-engineered from stainless steel, including fully stainless rotors, for optimal efficiency and safety during food processing applications. It also comes standard with several new safety features to help combat against two of the most common sources of foreign material – front cover O-rings and rotor bolts.

Unibloc’s QS FF 600 pump uses new specifications that allow it to be fully operable without the use of a front cover O-ring for most food processing applications. This eliminates the risks of the O-ring tearing or pinching, which is often a cause of contamination. The pump also features a newly-designed one-piece rotor bolt that can be easily reassembled after daily sanitation. A simplified locking mechanism holds the rotor bolt in place, and new reverse threading of the shaft ensures the rotor bolt won’t loosen or “back out” during processing, safeguarding food products and reducing pump wear at the same time.

The pump’s innovative Safety Swing Arm also provides an added measure of safety for both employees and the pump, while further simplifying the sanitation process. The Safety Swing Arm helps sanitation crews remove the front cover safely and securely. By supporting the front cover and keeping it off the floor, the Safety Swing Arm provides safer storage, reduces damage to the cover and other pump components, and adds an additional level of safety for workers.

This new pump enhances Unibloc’s innovative QuickStrip product line, which caters to industries, like food processing, that require daily strip down sanitation. The QS FF 600 also is designed to surpass the most stringent safety requirements in the food processing industry.

For more information about Unibloc’s new QS FF 600 pumping solution and other products, visit UniblocPump.com.