As food processing facilities look ahead to 2020, Goodway Technologies highlights a sanitation and cleaning solution that is growing in popularity—dry steam cleaning. While the importance of food safety isn’t a new concept to anyone in the food and beverage industry, facility and sanitation personnel should consider the benefits of dry steam technology to help them meet stricter regulations that were introduced with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The Centers for Disease Control and Pollution states that there are over forty-eight million cases of foodborne illnesses that occur in the United States every year. At some level, in each of these cases, food sanitation equipment, and practices failed and put the health of citizens in jeopardy.

“Cleanliness is paramount to the success of food production and processing; however, many sanitation professionals are facing an increase in responsibilities with not enough resources to meet these demands,” says Evan Reyes, Director of Sales, Sanitation Division at Goodway Technologies. “Dry steam cleaning is simple to use and reduces cleaning time while still effectively providing a deep, thorough cleaning.”

Dry steam cleaning is an economical, ecofriendly and effective form of cleaning, especially in dry environments where water use is avoided, because it produces as little as 5% moisture content. The steam is superheated and placed under pressure to provide powerful cleaning and sanitation properties. It eliminates the need for chemicals, using only water to remove substances such as grease, oil, dirt and other residue from all services.

There are a wide variety of applications for the dry steam technology including processing equipment, conveyor belts, packaging equipment, framework, and many other surfaces and areas that require thorough cleaning in food processing facilities.

Other benefits of dry steam cleaning include:

  • Environmental – Reduces water usage, wastewater, chemicals and prevents regulatory fines.
  • Efficiency – Provides a more thorough cleaning of food and non-food contact surfaces.
  • Productivity – Increases production uptime and revenue with improved equipment lifespan and reliability.
  • Quality – Improves hygiene and sanitation in plants and facilities without requiring additional labor.
  • Easy to Operate – Goodway’s dry steam sanitation solutions are easy to operate, offer a clean-in-place solution and help to improve safety in the work environment.

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