Russian agricultural holding company Damate Group, have invested in a turnkey solution for MDM (Mechanical deboned meat) freezing from Skaginn 3X. The new investment of EUR 2.2 million comes as a result of the company’s plans to increase capacity by implementing innovative and highly automated solutions to their new production facility.

Damate Group is the largest producer of turkey products in Russia and operates several production facilities in the country. They produced over 131 thousand tons of turkey meat in 2019, a 48% increase from the previous year.

In 2020, they plan to increase this capacity up to 155 thousand tons with the launch of a new processing plant equipped with the latest in innovative food processing technology.

“This year, we are launching a turkey processing plant, capable of processing 214 tons of product per day.” Says Chairman of the Board of Directors for Damate Group Naum Babaev.

“This increase in capacity requires a great amount of automation in the processing line. We feel the addition of the MDM solution from Skaginn 3X will ensure this increase in capacity will run smoothly and overall maintain the high quality standards we work by”.

Automatic MDM Freezing Solution
The MDM freezing solution from Skaginn 3X is completely automatic from the infeed stage through to palletizing, offering consistent, high quality products whilst minimizing labour costs. The high capacity, compact system, can run for extended periods of time and only requires de-frosting once a week. The solution for Damate Group is specifically designed for MDM freezing that is destined for sausage products and semi-finished products made from 100% turkey meat.

The system is comprised of two automatic contact freezers with automatic infeed and outfeed. Due to the compact design of the freezers, the system is easily integrated into existing product flows. The short loading time increases overall system capacity and ensures high product quality at lower running costs compared to traditional freezing systems.

Proven Solutions
Investment in people, ideas and innovation, has made Skaginn 3X a leading provider of turnkey solutions for the pelagic processing industry. The company is now focusing it’s efforts on building on the knowledge and experience attained in the pelagic sector to create highly automated solutions for the ever growing poultry industry

“Our onshore pelagic plants have been very well received by the market, especially here in Russia. We have worked with the world’s largest pelagic processors and designed solutions with automation, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements in mind. We are now transferring this knowledge and experience to the poultry sector, working closely with Damate Group to ensure that their expectations are met.” Says Pétur Jakob Pétursson, Director of Sales Operations for Russia and Asia at Skaginn 3X.

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