Cantrell•Gainco Group, a U.S.-based manufacturer of yield enhancement and yield tracking systems and other equipment for poultry operations, announces the introduction of new Safety Separation Partitions. These new safety partitions preserve visibility and sightlines while offering enhanced protection and separation for operators working on poultry cone lines, trim/debone lines, wing segmenting lines, various types of workstations and tables, plus other OEM equipment.

The partitions are constructed of a highly durable, washdown-safe engineered polymer material and stainless steel. The shape and length of the partitions can be made to fit different equipment requirements. Partitions slide on an overhead rail for custom spacing, and lift or remove easily for washdown sanitation procedures.

Commenting on the introduction of Cantrell•Gainco’s new safety separation partitions, Sid Adkins, vice president of sales, marketing and service operations stated, “In these times of heightened workplace health concerns, we’re offering a solution that gives processing line workers more protection – and it’s a solution that’s easy to implement. Poultry processors can add our partitions easily and cost-effectively to their existing processing lines and equipment.”

Adkins notes that while the standard product offering is a ¼” Clear Lexan material, other materials are also available including FRP fiber-reinforced plastic, solid white UHMW, and stainless steel. Each partition includes a rugged stainless steel hanger with rubber grommets for durability, as well as flexibility in sliding and positioning on the overhead rail.

Safety Separation Partitions from Cantrell•Gainco are readily available in standard and custom configurations. In addition, the company is committed to working closely with processors to codevelop additional solutions for promoting healthy environments in poultry plants. To discuss your needs, call 800-922-1232 or e-mail your query to

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