Gainco Inc., a leading manufacturer of yield management systems and supplier of X-ray and metal detection systems for meat and poultry processors, announces an agreement with Mayekawa Mycom in which Gainco has been named the exclusive authorized distributor and reseller of the company’s line of deboning equipment to the poultry processing industry in the U.S.A. 

The agreement became official on September 17, 2014.

Mayekawa is a world pioneer in blending robotic technology with automation for meat deboning process applications. Mayekawa’s equipment can sense subtle differences in the shape, size and firmness of poultry parts. Its highly efficient, automated machines cover a wide range of product types in low-temperature, high-moisture operating conditions. 

Mayekawa’s equipment offerings include TORIDAS machines for deboning chicken whole legs and thigh meat/drumsticks, along with TAKIDAS machines for turkey whole leg deboning. The YIELDAS front-half chicken breast deboning system is completing development and is expected to be unveiled at the 2015 International Processing & Production Expo (IPPE).

As an example of the sophistication of Mayekawa’s equipment offerings, the TORIDAS Mark II machine essentially automates the deboning process of whole chicken legs. The system includes automated pre-cut and final separation functions that completely remove meat from the bone as if the deboning procedure had been processed manually. An auto-measuring feature – unique to deboning equipment in the industry – allows any size of chicken leg to be put into the machine, with no pre-sizing required.

An auto-loading feature enables coverage of up to 12 machines staffed by just four workers. These and other machine design attributes result in consistent-quality finished products and high-yield ratio of the meat, while also promoting food safety and hygiene because less human touch occurs.

Since the introduction of the first TORIDAS model in 1994 (MT-03) and the introduction of the current model in 2003 (Mark II), more than 1,000 TORIDAS whole leg deboning machines have been delivered to poultry processors worldwide. Further design and performance enhancements are introduced regularly, keeping these machines in the forefront of the field.

Established in 1924, Mayekawa is one of the world’s most advance food equipment businesses involved in automation development and refrigeration compressors. The company’s products incorporate robotic technologies. Each product is designed to achieve outstanding energy savings, water conservation and labor savings. 

Commenting on the new business agreement with Mayekawa, Joe Cowman, president of Gainco, stated, “We’re pleased to be named Mayekawa’s exclusive authorized distributor to the poultry processing industry in the United States. The Mayekawa brand is well-respected because its equipment performs so well. Working together, we can offer solutions that pair Gainco’s highly effective yield enhancement systems and equipment with the precision-engineered deboning equipment that Mayekawa manufactures.”

Mayekawa and Gainco products will be on joint display at the International Processing & Production Expo in Atlanta, Ga., on January 27-29, 2015 at Booth B-5653.

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The company maintains distribution and reselling business relationships with several important international firms including Mayekawa, Fortress Technology and Anritsu Industrial Solutions.

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