Biosan, LLC has received OLR-2114-N-B and OFLR-2115-N-B approval for the online and off-line reprocessing of poultry from the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture. Both BIOSAN 1510 MPS and BIOSAN 2205 MPS are approved products. With this approval, Biosan is now able to expand its antimicrobial product offerings to better serve the poultry processing industry.

BIOSAN 1510 MPS and BIOSAN 2205 MPS are environmentally friendly antimicrobial agents approved for a multitude of intervention points, including both online and off-line reprocessing (OLR / OFLR). This cost-effective product is a safer chlorine-free solution that produces no harmful byproducts when it breaks down into carbon dioxide, oxygen and water.

“We are proud to offer our high-quality peracetic acid for online and off-line reprocessing, this approval will allow us to expand our presence in the poultry industry” said Joe-Ben Mattos, Biosan Director of Sales in North America.

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