Grundfos, a global leader in water technology, has released the Dosing Skid Configurator, a new, interactive digital tool featuring thousands of configuration variants to serve an array of markets with complete chemical dosing solutions.

By answering a few simple way-of-use questions to configure the best solution, the Dosing Skid Configurator generates an interactive 3-D model of a pre-engineered dosing skid system—one of 16,000 possible configuration variants—a materials list, dimension drawings, list pricing, a downloadable submittal package, and a contact form to reach a Grundfos distributor to learn more about ordering and availability.

“Engineers and end-users who use dosing skid systems for water treatment or PAA dosing for food and beverage facilities can now design and select complete dosing solutions based on their needs, then visualize their customized system,” said Jay Stellmacher, vice president of sales for industry. “They can change any of their answers on the fly with the available drop-down tabs and instantly see a new customization.”

Historically, chemical dosing pump skid systems would require someone to have in-depth knowledge of a dosing pump manufacturer’s variations and related capabilities to fit into specific applications along with the right know-how to correctly install them. In the new tool, Grundfos has integrated recommendations provided by the company’s dosing experts for materials of construction that are based on the selection of the chemical being pumped.

“When we set out to design the Dosing Skid Configurator, we knew that system integrators and engineers had enough on their plates, so the goal was to make their lives easier,” said Jared Gabel, Grundfos business development manager for water treatment. “At Grundfos, we want to be simple to do business with, and this tool is proof of that.”

The Dosing Skid Configurator allows the user to design their custom skid system by selecting the flow capacity and discharge pressure per pump, and pumped liquid for applications that include 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite, 93% Sulfuric Acid, 10% Hydrochloric Acid, 50% Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Bisulfate, or Peracetic Acid. In the future, Grundfos plans to add more chemicals for the pumped liquid section based on customer feedback. Additionally, selections are available to factor in controls and functionality, from remote Start/Stop to graphical display, Field Bus Protocol, number of pumps (simplex or duplex), floor or wall mounting, and pipe material or choice between standard/vented ball valves.

“The focus on packaged pump solutions is increasing as system providers look upon the expertise of pump manufacturers,” said Gabel. “This is especially true in the mystical world of chemical feed systems.”

Grundfos Engineered Systems and packaged Dosing Skid System solutions for industrial, municipal and commercial buildings applications are designed and manufactured in the company’s Brookshire, Texas, facility. Solutions include optimized pumping systems with intelligent controls and packaged plants that include a selection of the most efficient equipment technology available for each application.

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